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New Member - ES2 1959

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New Member - ES2 1959

Posted by andrew_pearce at July 16. 2017

Hi, New member and owner of a 1959 ES2.

Recently my partner an I were succesful in tracing her fathers old bike, which he restored back in 1994. the trip to see the bike turned into us buying the bike from the current owner. (heart over head for my partner)

Not knowing anything about classic bikes I'm looking for some help/info to enable us to get the bike back on the road and enjoy riding it again as my partner did with her father who has since passed.

The bike isn't in bad condition is running and all complete, chrome is showing signs of age tank requires repaint etc. we believe it has been stored for 13 years and the last owner had bought the bike to get back on the road, had fitted new battery, oil and got it running gain.

We are looking forward to brining the bike back to the road, but would like to know where to start, whats the best advice we can get regarding what to start with, where to find spare parts, reputable companies to get work carried out with etc.

We live in Richmond North Yorkshire.

My First question which I am finding that I get varied opinions on is...... do we do a full restoration? or cure any main problems of corrosion, get it running as well as it can and leave the bike age and look like a used motorcycle?

Any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.







Re: New Member - ES2 1959

Posted by Chris willis at July 16. 2017

I would leave as it is, natural patina and you can ride it without worrying about each scratch or dent you add, enjoy it as it is and use as much as you can, once you start to restore it you will run into a lot of money and add troubles on the way, I fully restore only when the bike is a wreck, but in the condition that your one is in I would personally leave alone.


Re: New Member - ES2 1959

Posted by robert_tuck at July 16. 2017

I agree with Chris, Get some use and experience in before a big stripdown,  Too many bikes end up as basket cases or static exhibits when the teething troubles of a rebuild  (and there will be lots) cause frustration and dissapointment, get some love in first !!.A tatty well used bike gets most street cred in my book.  Consider getting the front brake checked for a reline ,the angle is a bit over 90 degrees giving reduced leverage.

Re: New Member - ES2 1959

Posted by john_holmes at July 16. 2017

Rubber items are the ones to look at carefully, if those tyres are still the same as before it was stored for 13 years get new ones plus good quality inner tubes. Your other enemy will be E5/E10 fuel, make sure the carb and tank are clean and use fresh fuel, drain it and stick in a modern car if you are not using the bike for a couple of months, the ethanol content will promote bacterial growth and rot seals and put deposits in the pilot circuit, use premium unleaded which is more likely to be E0 with no ethanol.

Re: New Member - ES2 1959

Posted by robert_tuck at July 16. 2017

Esso synergy + 97 is about the only one left that you can be sure of. Stay out of supermarkets and shops that can't decide what they are. Move to the IOM where they won't have that crap at all.

Re: New Member - ES2 1959

Posted by Neil Wyatt at July 16. 2017

Well said, John. William Hague country is in what is known as the Teesside Ethanol zone. Goes even as far down as Ripon.

You can buy E0 fuel in Harrogate at ESSO on the A 59 opposite Majestic Wine and next to the Co-op. You need Synergy Supreme+ 97 RON.  Look for the red label. Fill a few cans if you are that way in a car, it's what I do. Avoid EN228!   Also a touch of lead replacement wouldn't do any harm either. I use RED X but other brands are available.

The only Branded inner tubes I know of are Michellin and Continental, although there was a report that Avon are now making tubes?

A lot of debate on here about oil but for me, SAE 40 works well in my singles, SAE 20 for your primary drive and Classic EP90 or 80/90 for your gearbox.  You can get what you need at Rufforth autojumble, just inside the big shed on the first Saturday of the month OR the same man two weeks later, at Scorton, a lot closer to you. Tell the man what it is for, especially the G/box oil.

Have fun.

Re: New Member - ES2 1959

Posted by Tony Ripley at July 16. 2017

It might be worth contacting your 'local' branch (see Branches on the front web page). It is a bit of a way to go along to a meeting as you seem to be about central between Northumbia and Yorkshire branch but if you email the secretaries of both the branches they may know of local members who would come along and give you their thoughts.

My view is the same as above. Change the rubber bits, fill it with new fluids, fit a new battery, get it checked over by someone who knows what they are doing and then ride it.

Once you have ridden it for a few years and got used to the routine maintenance, you will know A) If it need a full strip down / restoration and B) If you think you have the confidence to start.

Above all, enjoy.



Re: New Member - ES2 1959

Posted by andrew_pearce at July 17. 2017

Thanks for all the comments, I have booked it in to a local company and will get it checked over definitely needs new rubber, will ensure it goes and stops,  will look at the corrosion only and enjoy the bike.

The points about fuel are appreciated.


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