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Repro Petrol Tank

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Repro Petrol Tank

Posted by paul_jelbert at April 05. 2010

Thought I had dealt with just about everything rebuilding my ES2, having sorted out the excessive oil burning etc, I received the tanks back from being painted and lined evrything was looking as it should for the Easter break. I stood back admired the machine and set out for the nearest petrol station to fill up and get some confidence miles on the bike. All was going well, I did about 30 miles and returned home. My wife was also admiring the paintwork of the tanks when she noticed a blistering of the Black stripe where it terminated in the Vee by the seat, a leak in the new repro chrome tank, looks like a porous weld. I was pretty peed of to say the least. I have now drained off the petrol to below the welded seam. A hot repair will ruin the chrome work so it will have to be the resin pet seal method. I have emailed the tank supplier but so far have not had a reply, surely the tanks are tested before being despatched, it will be interesting to hear if anyone else has come across this problem with the Asian repro tanks.

With hindsight a test before having the paint work done would have been most beneficial.


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