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T-shaped battery?

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T-shaped battery?

Posted by ian_soady at September 03. 2017

Should my 1952 ES2 have a T-shaped or conventional battery? I can find lots of photos of the timing side but have not seen one of the drive side for the plunger rear end / laydown gearbox.

And there isn't one at the National Motorcycle Museum (not that all the bikes there are 100% correct).

Re: T-shaped battery?

Posted by David Cooper at September 08. 2017

Ian - I'd suggest checking Lucas parts list (to 1957) in Brightspark Magneto web site.

For ES2, Lucas list the RU7 (T-shape) up to 1939, and PU7 (rectangular) from 1946.

Interestingly they kept RU7 for the rigid models (16H and 18) up to 1949.  Must have thought the 500cc rigid bikes needed more robust batteries.

The 'T-shaped' battery is advertised for its anti-vibration rubber mounts "for the hard riding motorcyclist" - so it looks like it could be the battery for you if that's who you are!  But as you've no doubt seen, there aren't many contemporary photos - although owners could use what they liked so I'm not sure it matters.

But it needs a slightly different cradle arrangement - with a pair of lugs at half height to bolt it down rather than a strap around the sides.

Then after you buy the box, there are the clips.  Another 30 Euro from Cornucopia (Germany) or 'vintage-motorcycle' (Austria).  The only ones I found in UK were hardened spring steel with no drilled holes - so could not be used.  Mine is just bolted down at present but it annoys me, and it makes it awkward to disconnect the battery.  Cornucopia say the T-shape was supplied until 1946.  I've no idea if that is true - but it's still there in the Lucas catalogue later than that.

Re: T-shaped battery?

Posted by ian_soady at September 08. 2017

Many thanks David, it sounds as though the standard rectangular one would be correct - especially as I could not be described as a "hard rider" these days......

The existing mounting arrangement is a bit heath robinson but I expect I can sort it out.

Re: T-shaped battery?

Posted by paul_nicholls at September 09. 2017

I believe the battery tray and battery was changed for 1950 for the ES2 when they went to the laydown gearbox. The frame lug that the T shaped battery tray mounted to was removed when the gearbox changed.

The later tray mounted at the bottom to the rear engine plate with 2 bolts and one at the top.

The early tray had a right angle bend at the bottom and went under the oil tank and bolted to the casting for the gearbox mount. (upright gearbox)

I'll try to find some pictures.


Re: T-shaped battery?

Posted by ian_soady at September 10. 2017

By chance, this morning I did see what was described as a plunger Norton battery carrier and it looks much the same as the one I have fitted (although that has been hacked about somewhat, and pop riveted to a bracket attached to the rear chainguard......)

But pictures would be good to confirm. I'll also have another look at the ones in the NMM now I'm a bit clearer about what's what.

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