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Petrol pipe bore/diameter?

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Petrol pipe bore/diameter?

Posted by nicholas_reeves at September 08. 2017

I'm going to attempt to make some metal fuel pipes for my 1935 Es2.What I need to know is what bore size should I use? It maybe a stupid question but if the bore is to small ,would and could it effect fuel supply.Thanks.Nick.

Re: Petrol pipe bore/diameter?

Posted by richard_payne at September 08. 2017

The fittings are 1/4" BSP.  Any normal soft copper pipe will be fine - not too thin-walled or it's harder to form. The greatest flow restriction will be in the nipples and the banjos.

The only bike that I can recall having a problem with 1/4" taps and fittings was the Triumph Trident but they can easily dip to sub 30 mpg with hard use.

Re: Petrol pipe bore/diameter?

Posted by Gordon Johnston at September 08. 2017

I used 8mm narrow bore central heating pipe. That's 3/8" near as dammit. Cheap and plentiful.

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