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1934 ES2 restoration

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1934 ES2 restoration

Posted by les_youngman at November 10. 2013

Hi, just about to start the restoration of my 34 ES2. It is pretty complete but short of a front mudguard. Anyone know what the correct mudguard looks lik, rear mudguard is ribbed?

Silencer is also not correct I think... What would the correct one look like?




Re: 1934 ES2 restoration

Posted by leslie_youngman at September 29. 2017

Some pics to show progress


Re: 1934 ES2 restoration

Posted by richard_payne at September 29. 2017

Les, mail me on the WD Models Tech Help address and I'll send you a scan of the Spare Parts List.

Front mudguard is part 9582 which continued up until the WD models and has the inverted 'V' at the leading edge of the rib.

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