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early Sturmey Archer ID

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early Sturmey Archer ID

Posted by ian_taylor1 at October 03. 2017

Just bought my first Norton. 1931 model 20.  from a long time friend who bought the bike from the original owner back in 85.

The dating certificate says the Gear box no is 478

The only numbers I can find are

The ratios. F lll 1013 CR

The certificate also states it came with gate change.

The linkage is on the wrong side for a hand shift unless it can be switched .

Any info would be appreciated as I'm not sure if he swapped boxes out at some point.





Re: early Sturmey Archer ID

Posted by David Cooper at October 03. 2017

Lucky man!

Why "the wrong side", Ian?  It looks like the correct gearbox and the ratios appear to be correct.  The lever looks an oddity but who knows what accidents happened to the original in all that time?

The' gate change' needs a special tank - with a lug at the rear right hand side to carry the lever, and cut-away knee pad with a gate towards front right.  Anyway - it's all on the right.

Is that what you have?  If not, you'll have to stick with the lever - you don't have positive stop, so either you lean forward and change by hand or as some do you can re-arrange the lever and use your right foot.  You probably know all that anyway...

Re: early Sturmey Archer ID

Posted by ian_taylor1 at October 04. 2017

Thanks David

I guess I should have been more clear on wrong side .Since the bike  came with the tank hand shift ,the rod linkage should be on the right if looking at the box. The Jockey shift type I have seen in photo's show the linkage on the left side where this one is.

Can the lever going through the box be reversed from left to right side?  Just curious.

Originally the lever was made for foot shift but the 2nd owner bent it for hand shift .

2nd is hard to find at times I must

That home made lever needs some tweaking, maybe a bushing installed and remove some side play.

The original owner did race it locally in events and rode it on the road up to 1950. It was parked when family came along.


Re: early Sturmey Archer ID

Posted by David Cooper at October 04. 2017

..fools rush in in my case here..


I have looked back at old Banbury run photos, but they are all pre-1931.  I rode a 1928 Model 18 once, with 3-speed gearbox and no positive stop.  I got used to it in the end...had it been my bike I'm sure it would not have been a problem.  The lever was a bit low so I used my foot to begin with, but I think I found that hand changing was easier and no slower. Tragically the owner sold the bike to someone else...!

I have photos of at least three types of gearboxes.  Two are flat tank models, with rectangular faces and rounded at one end - although one (the earlier I think) is set at right angles to the other.  The third is a saddle tank with hand quadrant lever - but that one has a cross over shaft to meet the gearbox on the left side of the bike!

I hope someone else can assist.  There are pictures of the later Norton box with hand tank-mounted change which was an option all the way through the 1930's (as you probably know).

I found a brochure picture on this page:

which has a different box to yours.

Also there is a picture of an old bike on this page:

Also I think different...

Re: early Sturmey Archer ID

Posted by ian_taylor1 at October 04. 2017

Hi David

That's the jockey shift I think the original owner had on it.

I suspect it may have failed and the present set up installed.

Also interesting ,the original owner said he raced it locally and also rode it on the road.

Info just arrived this morning states the F lll 1013 CR came from a 1931 CS1 which was also sent to the same importer as the model 20.Browns of Toronto.

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