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Bolts, nuts, fixings.

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Bolts, nuts, fixings.

Posted by tony_baxter at July 13. 2017

Hi all. Still working on the '39 ES2 and trying to finish it asap. Attempting to replace the knackered/missing/incorrect nuts bolts etc. It seems all the usual sources including the club, only sell some of the parts needed. So far I've used the club shop, RGM and Racingnorton. Middleton lists a few things, Will Horgan doesn't have a catalogue at all, (though he attends Kempton which is useful).

Anyone got a favourite ? Fed up searching the 'net endlessly for each and every item.

Cheers, Tony.

Re: Bolts, nuts, fixings.

Posted by michael_sullivan at July 13. 2017

The Services Section says to go to "Nooky's Nuts"

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