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Re: 1955 Manx Norton 30m - Clutch Issues

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Re: 1955 Manx Norton 30m - Clutch Issues

Posted by matthew_geer at August 09. 2017


I have an issue with a part of the clutch mechanism on a Manx Norton 30m. The part in question is the rod behind the "Norton" cover on the gearbox.

I have had the cover off before and their is a smooth rod to which an arm is clamped to it. Part of the rod is a coarse thread which screws in when the clutch is pulled to engage the clutch.

The issue I am having is that the clamp does not grip against the smooth rod enough to push the clutch apart. I have tried roughing up the rod a little with glass paper to give more friction although this failed and I am reluctant to modify and destroy the originality of the machine.

I am wondering if their is any approved modification that can be made so that I don't run out of clutch on the road again (its happened twice now).

Someone recommended to me, lighter clutch springs but i fear this wont cure the problem.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Re: 1955 Manx Norton 30m - Clutch Issues

Posted by svein_marken at August 09. 2017

Hi, be sure the arm don`t hit the "wormnut" before the clutch is lifted. The arm is going fast inward when you are using the clutch. Pull the arm a little againist you before you clamp it to the push rod. Hope you understand,my english,it is not the best!!!



Re: 1955 Manx Norton 30m - Clutch Issues

Posted by david_veevers at August 14. 2017

Going to sound stupid but.... Rizla paper.

Take the outer cover off, get all oil off the arm and shaft and put a thin screwdriver/blade into the gap in the arm to widen the arms. Wrap the paper around the shaft and cut it to size and try and slide the arm over it. Then remove the blade and tighten as normal. the paper should provide enough thickness and "Grip" to stop it from moving.

It's likely the arm that has worn rather than the hardened shaft and you can sometimes pick these up on ebay etc but it's just as likely to be as worn as yours if you do. Personally I wouldn't touch the shaft or try and alter it in anyway.

Re: 1955 Manx Norton 30m - Clutch Issues

Posted by David Cooper at August 14. 2017

This happened to my more mundane 16H. Solved easily by cutting the slot in the lever arm slightly wider using a junior hacksaw. The clamp was bound on itself. Possibly stretched over the years?

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