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Burrows Bros,55/57 Westgate,Peterborough.

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Burrows Bros,55/57 Westgate,Peterborough.

Posted by nicholas_reeves at June 06. 2017

On the toolbox lid on my 1935 Es2 there is a brass dealer plate with the name Burrows Bros.Peterborough.Does anybody know anything about them or by some miracle have a photo of them.I have looked on the net but nothing comes up.Just interested as would like to see where my bike came from.Thanks.

Re: Burrows Bros,55/57 Westgate,Peterborough.

Posted by tom_dolby at June 09. 2017

I used to go to Burrows in the mid 1960s with my 1957 BSA Dandy (yuk - but I passed my test on it) and then 1955 Matchless G3LS.

The showroom and spares were at the address you give above, opposite the end of Lincoln Road. Their workshop was about 200 yards up the road towards the station. It was run by Bernard Stimpson with his mate Dennis, who always had a fag on.

Most of the premises in this area were demolished in the 1970s to construct the temple to consumerism known as Queensgate Shopping Centre. I was studying and working away by then so can only guess that Burrows closed down rather than move elsewhere.

Bernard set up on his own as Bernard's Motorcycles (I think) in Lincoln Road not far from the original shop, and took on a Honda dealership. At some point, perhaps the 1990s, he sold the business but continued to work there on a casual basis. Around 2000, he was doing the MoTs on my Nortons.

Recently, I bumped into the person who bought the business from Bernard. He had incorporated the Honda bike dealership with a car dealership elsewhere in Peterborough and then retired himself. He told me that Bernard had died quite recently so I suppose he was in his 90s.

There must be bikers around who didn't move away as I did and can give more precise detail, but presumably not NOCers.

Photos - no, why would I? There ought to be something on websites concerning historical Peterborough, if you have the patience to trawl through them.

Re: Burrows Bros,55/57 Westgate,Peterborough.

Posted by nicholas_reeves at June 10. 2017

Tom, thank you so much for the information.That is a good idea about looking on websites about historical Peterborough,I hadn't thought of that.Regards Nick.

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