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Gasket Questions for my '51 ES2

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Gasket Questions for my '51 ES2

Posted by Grant MacNeill at June 08. 2017

First:  I have a copper head gasket which I have annealed.  Do I install it dry or smear with oil first?

Second; for the paper gaskets on my laydown gearbox: assemble dry ?   or dope up with a touch of black Permatex  ?  (which is a silicone based, high heat and oil resistant engine sealant; probably marketed under a different brand name in the UK )

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Grant MacNeill,   Toronto

Re: Gasket Questions for my '51 ES2

Posted by Paul Knapp at June 08. 2017

Hello Grant, You will get a lot of opinions re lapping down  the head ETC. ECT. But since you have done exactly what I have done re head gasket, I smeared each side of the solid copper head gasket with Loctite Master Gasket 510 to stop any weep of oil or gas from the combustion cavity or the valve gear drain passage, having suffered both of these problems prior.

The gearbox paper gaskets I smear both sides with a silicon rubber to stop the oil weeps.  Where you will get a leak from is the kick starter spindle.


Re: Gasket Questions for my '51 ES2

Posted by Dan Field at June 08. 2017

I lapped my head, and use ht silicone around the drain holes. I've also wet flatted the rocker cover on flat glass and used a paper gasket, that has at last cured the leaks from the head! Well for the time being anyway

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