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ES2 `box

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ES2 `box

Posted by ron_gill at June 28. 2010

hi,my 1953 es2 has decided it will only get 4th gear if i tap lever gently UP, first and then maybe it will go in with a prod down.Sometimes i can get 4th if i leave it in 3rd and prod away after a short time till i get resistance,bit like lucky dip (or prod).

Just bought bike ,first one for 10 yrs havnt a clue haha.Any help more than appreciated.

Re: ES2 `box

Posted by robert_davis1 at June 29. 2010

Your going to have to pull the outer cover off the gearbox Ron and have a look. Remove the kickstart lever. Don't take the cover off the spring, as that will only cause you heaps of fun putting the spring back on. That little cover can move easily, so be careful and keep it shoved back toward the gearbox as you remove the kickstart lever. leave the gearlever on, don't take it off. Undo all the cover screws and using the gear lever as a handle and maybe a blade in the joint, try and break the gasket seal and pull away the cover. The spring cover and spring should pass through the cover and stay on the shaft. bet you have a broken or very weak selector spring on the selector mechanism inside the cover. If left for a while the selector mechanism can get a bit rusty and not ratchet back & forth as it should. If you pull the selector apart make sure you note carefully which way bits go as you can put some of them in back to front.


Re: ES2 `box

Posted by ron_gill at June 29. 2010

Thanks Bob,thats very helpful.I gather ES not been used for some time so i think you may well be correct.I will take a look when i`m finished grandad duty hehe.

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