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1955- es2 / ignition-timing

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1955- es2 / ignition-timing

Posted by tom_kennedy at July 17. 2017

Hi..  i need to know when setting my ignition-timing do i keep the mag fully advanced.. [ i'm sure i  have always done it this way]] thanks..   tommy.

Re: 1955- es2 / ignition-timing

Posted by robert_tuck at July 17. 2017

The fully advanced position is the one that needs to be accurate ,so that is the one we set. I also check the retarded position to make sure that all is correct (could be incorrect parts fitted)  .  Fuel is very different now so book timing figures ,wear and the possibility of higher comp pistons fitted all could change requirements. But faster burning fuel and raised ratio's   are more likely to need less ignition advance by a few degrees  ,so if you want to experiment I would go that way.

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