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Adventure with Ian Loram... (updated..)

Ian Loram would like to organise a long ride

Ian Loram writes:

Having covered 1,000s of miles in recent times on old Norton's I would like to invite those of an adventurous nature or those that want a more challenging ride than the usual Sunday morning jaunt to prove life in the old dog and have something to tell the grandchildren or your mates in the pub.

I intend to ride a 1920's model 18 so would want to limit the bikes to either pre-1945 or any 250cc or 350cc Norton.
The current thought is either the Route 500 in Scotland which is quite breathtaking.  It could be good to tie in with the rally held at Applecross or a route from Lands End through Wales and up via Applecross onto John O Groats keeping off the motorways. If the longer route is decided on riders could join at any point along the route at pre-determined places.
I do have a relatively new ford van with two bump stops in, that luggage/spares/oil could be put in and no doubt someone who does not want to ride on the adventure might offer to drive to become part of the run.
If you are in any way interested please get in touch with me at an early point so I can gauge possible interest.
Email Ian or ring him on 01884 860600 if you're interested.
An update:
David (Smokey Joe) has very kindly fixed the date of the Applecross Rally for us to enable those wishing to go on my run, the time to plan their participation which I am indebted.  Also they have made it a bit earlier to enable a number of us wishing to go to Austria a bit of time between events.  I have also planned our ride with this in mind.
The weekend of the Rally is the 21st July 2018 with many of the participants arriving on the Friday afternoon.
We have already about six of us who want to do the complete run and a couple poss. joining in as we travel North.  And about 8 wishing to do just the 500 Route and Applecross Rally.
David has pointed out that the 500 Route now has a lot of people completing the route on cycles, bikes, cars or just walking, therefore anyone wishing to go and stay in accommodation close to the route need to think of booking sooner than later.  Most of us know each other so I suggest we try and pair up the best we can.  I am sure you all know that you can camp almost anywhere in Scotland so no need to find a site if you intend to camp.  Applecross does have a Campsite, in stumbling distance from the pub!
My plan is to start from Lands End on Sunday 8th July at 12.00 noon but could be 1.00 p.m. if better for anyone else.  I would then ride to my home in Witheridge, Devon (and can put up as many of you that come) at my house overnight.  We would have a van following behind for this part of the run to my home. The route, keeping off all motorways is about 840 to 880 allowing for a deviation or two until we arrive at Applecross. That will mean about 130 miles to my home and the five following days at approx. 150 miles a day.  It is hoped that a van will follow us from the Bristol area however at just 150 miles a day and getting away each day in good time (unless we need to let the rain clear first thing) we should have plenty of time incase of problems.
I would then expect to be in Applecross or just outside of it on Friday night.  We can then meet all those who are joining us for the 500 Route at the Applecross Inn Saturday morning.
I have had mixed reports of the number of days it will take us to do the route to enjoy it, but 5 to 7 days seem to be the suggested amount. I would like to be back at the Applecross area on Thursday 19th So I can have a chill out and fettling day, ready for meeting the Scots Noccers arrival Friday afternoon/evening.
By doing the run in this way we can start making the return journey to our homes on Sunday afternoon.
It would be good if you could all at some point let me know if you still want to join in and if you are doing the full run or just the Applecross 500 route also any thoughts.  The run up to Applecross route is something we can fine tune between the participants of this leg but in my mind going through Wales would be good.
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