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Later Jubilee Red?


Has anyone got an idea of what is a close match for the later (64) Std Jubilee red colour please.  I’ve seen numerous different “reds” used but can’t tell what would have been close to what was used originally.


I’ve got a side panel with a lovely metallic red that I’d like to replicate no idea if it’s original though! Are you looking for metallic or flat? 

Cheers Dan

Hi Dan, was hoping for original “tint” - there’s so many variations of red.  I’ve got a small (1”x1”) patch under my tank that “might be original and it falls between RAL 3004 & 5 (closer to 5).  But would be nice if this was confirmed.


If you have a section that has not been exposed to the sun, and thus near original to the day it was applied, take it to an automotive paint supplier, not the actual spray shops - big difference. 

The supplier to the paint shop should have the latest measuring equipment, the best equipment can tell how to make the colour, size of flake / metallic particles if metallic and the colour, lacquer etc, the results are very impressive, some can tell the order of application as well. 

This would give a more accurate colour for your machine, it would most probably be more accurate than they way the batches of colour paint were made up in the 60's & 70's which I suspect was by using a jug or spade to shovel the pigment in.  


I remember a dealer in Tottenham in North London in the late 1960's who was selling some brand new Norton Jubilee's, and these were a Moroon colour.


thank You to both Dan & Ashley - Dan, would be good to hear if your panel colour is same as my “patch”.  Ashley, thanks - never thought about matching from paint supplier but that’s another problem in itself, I don’t think I’ve got a “local” supplier near here so I’ll research where I can get to with the tank and try that route.

pic attached of what I currently have for paint colour plus “mock up” over the winter before strip/clean/paint (ongoing!).

In reply to by anthony_curzon


Yes, I think you could probably call this maroon, it’s a nice colour even if it’s not correct!


Bruce, I bought a very late, totally original and verly low mileage Jubilee in Tottenham in the late 70's which I suspect came from the dealer that Anthony mentioned above.   It was a dark metallic red which I believe is the Flamboyant Burgundy mentioned in the club history attached.   The bike was F reg so probably came from the last batch of 100 built and I guess sat around unsold and unregistered for some time.  It had the late gearbox and the forks seen in your second photo and chrome mudguards which were an optional extra.   As mentioned above if you have a panel with the original paint on it any good spray shop should be able to match it.   I have attached a photo of a Jubilee in what I believe is the correct colour which I found recently on the internet.  I have always thought it really suits the Jubilee making it a very attractive bike!  

Good luck with tracking the colour down!


Thanks Nicholas, I’ve seen that photo (and many others) but mainly to have a confirmation from someone who owned a late Jubilee is a bonus and confirms my thoughts on the colour, coupled with Dan’s input.  I’ve also got copy of the write up, trouble is “flamboyant burgundy” doesn’t actually match anything that’s available now and burgundy can come in many different shades.

I’ll try for a paint supplier match first but more than likely go for a local company to mix & match before I spray it. I’m a bit out in the “sticks” so it’s not a straight forward task!



They don't tend to advertise as they have dedicated customers in the area they serve, ask the spray shops and they will tell you who can do it. Some paint shops have some gear for testing, but the latest comprehensive testing equipment usually held by the suppliers is surprising in what it can tell you. 

Hope you get sorted. 


That was the colour of the bike that I saw new in the shop in Tottenham. They did have many of them as they did not sell that well at the time.


Fascinating Anthony, I remember the motorbike shop on the west side of Tottenham High Road in the late 70s.   I was a young PC at Tottenham police station at the time and whilst walking the beat I saw the unmistakable outline of the Jubilee under a tarpaulin parked in a front garden one morning.   I think it was in Dowsett Road but it was 40 years ago so the detail is hazy!    I popped round after work and knocked on the door and asked if it was for sale which it was because the owner had lost interest in it because of electrical problems (nothing new there then!). It only had about 3000 miles on the clock and whilst it was filthy dirty and very neglected it was undamaged, original and in remarkably good condition.  I think I bought it for £50 - YOE 720F if my memory serves me right.   A full service and a new battery saw it up and running with a remarkably quiet and reliable engine and gearbox. I kept it for 5 years using it as remarkably reliable and pleasant daily transport until it was stolen from my brother's house in Herts whilst I was away at sea having left the Met and joined the RN.   Back in those days spares were plentiful and cheap from a wonderful motorcycle shop in Green Lanes near Enfield called Clarks - I wish I had laid up a supply back then!  



I seem to have two types of red, a post office type flat colour, which looks like it is original and a metallic maroon which I like but it looks too good to be original but who knows! 



Post office red



Dan's bottom picture of the battery cover shows the colour I remember on my late Jubilee - it is a lovely rich burgundy with a hint of metallic in it and was incredibly hard wearing as I remember.   It really suits the Jubilee I think.  Nick


Wonderful, the bottom picture is definitely closer to my “patch” although putting both pictures together makes Dans bottom picture look more “cherry” colour than maroon.  I’ll be taking tank into local body shop for their words of wisdom - if I should get a scan done then I’ll put results up here.

Thanks everyone for all the input - it’s given me the chance to get a more accurate idea of what original colour was - watch this space (although not anytime soon!).


The original looks to me like candy red over a gold base. Is that what you used ? Isn't it what was used on Atlasses and Mk1 Rocket 3s ?  Candy Red Commandos were over a silver base.

Allthough a professional sprayer would be pretty consistent, there are a number of reasons why the shade of the originals could and would have varied a little.


Yes, clear lacquer with a candy apple red dye (mixed at 1:10 ratio) in a premix cellulose lacquer/thinners (50/50) over a yellow gold base coat. Top coat 4 layers, any more and I think it would be too dark and reduce the base coat effectiveness - difficult to tell until its all together and out in the daylight.  Still need to find & finish with a decent petrol proof “clear” - I know that’s not original but then they didn’t have ethanol/petrol fuel to contend with!

Doesn't match my little bit of original paint but I think it looks good - if original was a candy apple red then it’s a shame AMC threw everybody by calling it “Flamboyant Red”!


 Isn't it the case that 'Flamboyant' red was a term in use in the 1950s and 1960s but that the 1970s custom car boom led to the dominance of the metalflake ® and Candy Apple® brands and the US terminology took over ?


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