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Using the 'Search' Function

One of the most powerful new features on this site is the new 'Search' facility. Finding something specific on the old site was sometimes difficult. We hope this new feature helps you navigate to what you're looking for.

There are two main Search facilities on the new site. Simple and Advanced. First let's look at the Simple Search.


Let's say our Member, John Smith is thinking about a Belt Drive modification on his Dominator and want's to find any relevant information held on the website. Firstly he sees the 'Search' box in the top right hand area of the site:-


Search Box

Typing 'Dominator Belt Drive' into the 'Search Site box will automatically find anything using those words on the site. In this case it comes up like this:-


Live Search


Alternatively, clicking the 'Search' Button will bring the same information up in it's own page:-


 Dominator Search

 As you can see, without any major time spent, the Search facility has fould exactly what John Smith was looking for!

The Quick Search is usually good enough, but ocasionally you may find the 'Advanced Search' facility useful if you want to be more specific.

Details of how to use the Advanced Search facility are shown on the Advanced Search Page.


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