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Using the NOC Message Board

A powerful new feature of the New website is the integrated Message Board system. Visible to Non-Members, one needs to be logged in as a member to post messages and get the full benefit. The Club has decided to allocate a message board for each of the main Norton model categories with additional club-wide boards for general items.

To start a new Message, Click on 'Messages' on the left hand navigation and decide which message board you wish to use. As our member John Smith want's to discuss his Dominator's Belt Drive, he chooses 'Heavyweight'.



First he clicks to 'Start a new Conversation' and then under the Title of 'Dominator Belt Drive' he starts to type his message.



Once his message is complete he simply clicks on 'Post Comment' and message is on the website.

Now another member, Tony wishes to reply to John's post so he clicks on 'Reply to this' and creates the message below.



As you can see, Tony has also added a picture to his reply. The NMessage Board will accept any oppicture below 100Kb - Please make sure all content is suitable and appropriate please!



As you can see, John's initial comment has his Avatar Picture associated because he's uploaded it to his personal profile. For more information on how to do this please click here



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