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NOC International Rally in the Czech Republic. 9-13 June 2022

Rally GraphicLatest Update: 

There are a few remaining cabins without facilities, these may now be booked for single occupancy.


The 2022 NOC International Rally will take place in the heart of the Czech Republic; colloquially known as “Canada” in keeping with the beautiful surrounding countryside and wildlife. The venue will be Camp Zvule, Zvule1, 378 53.

The roads are ideal for motorcycling with sweeping bends and minimal traffic. With an accompanying programme of events and rides the area provides many opportunities for exploration. From visiting picturesque towns such as Slavonice, Telc, Jindrichuv Hradec where there are are historic buildings in gothic, renaissance and baroque style, to a narrow-track line with steam locomotives or museum of American cars in Nová Bystřice or pre-war fortifications near Slavonice.

The Czech Canada destination, where the NOC International Rally will take place in the Czech Republic on 9th to 13th June 2022, was carefully chosen by the Czech Branch of the Club. Roads with a good surface wind through the beautiful landscape of the "Highlands" with the absence of big cities, there are peaceful and comfortable rides on our classic motorcycles. The landscape consists of extensive forests, meadows, pastures, ponds and granite boulders which are typical of the region. An integral part of this area are picturesque villages and smaller towns with architecture typical of South Bohemia. A classic example is the Gothic Renaissance town of Telč (1354 AD), registered on the UNESCO List, This is where our Saturday ride out will lead to. Riders will assemble in the main square with lunch for participants which is included in the rally fee. On the next trip we will ride to the nearby town of Nová Bystřice where we will visit the unique car museum, the entrance fee is again included in the rally fee. As part of the ride, we will pass through another Gothic Renaissance town Slavonice,,  which we recommend you visit separately, as well as the nearby dominant region of the castle Landštejn (13th century)

The campsite where the rally will take place is at Autokemp Zvůle  where we held the Norton Rally Czech Republic in 2020 and 2021. It is a location with good amenities, excellent honest cuisine and friendly campsite staff. The entire Camp Zvůle will be available only for our event. Each participant can order a half-board meal - breakfast/dinner. Good news not only for the male participants: they are serving PILSNER URQUELL beer at the venue!!!. If anyone would like to stay at the campsite during the day, they can swim in the lake, which is in close proximity to the campsite, or stay on the beach and lunch can be ordered.

In the evening we will meet in the Clubroom, Music will be provided by a DJ and two bands e.g. You can dance, or even sit quietly and discuss the day’s events. We hope you're already as excited as we are.

Your Norton Owners Club Czech Republic.

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Event Location
Camp Zvule, Zvule1, 378 53
Date of Event
- Add to Calendar 2022-06-09 12:00:00 2022-06-13 12:00:00 NOC International Rally in the Czech Republic. 9-13 June 2022 Camp Zvule, Zvule1, 378 53 Tim Harrison Europe/London public
Contact Name
Tim Harrison


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