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CRMC Track Parade - Mallory Park

A chance to get your Norton out on the track

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May 20, 2017 09:00 AM to
May 21, 2017 05:00 PM


Mallory Park,Church Rd, Kirkby Mallory LE9 7QE

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Ever thought about taking your Norton around some of the UK’s best circuits?  Well thanks to the Norton Owners Club you can.  We have teamed up with the CRMC (Classic Racing Motorcycle Club) to allow a limited number of tickets to take part in their Track Parades.


There are two types of parade lap sessions available:


PR5: These track sessions are provided at no cost & are run under ACU Parade regulations i.e. suitable protective clothing (1 or 2 piece leathers) must be worn. Machines must be fully road legal (no race bikes). Also remember that these are ACU regulated spectator track parades. They are not a speed event so riders wanting an unofficial race session will be disappointed. The parade is speed controlled by a pace vehicle & is conducted in such a manner as to provide a safe as possible track experience for road going bikes & riders – but it will still leave you with a very big grin.


All riders must remember to bring driving licence, insurance certificate, MOT, road tax receipt & NOC membership card


PR6: The Race (PR6) Parades are charged for per entry, which includes insurance. Bikes & rider clothing are more stringently scrutineered than for the Spectator Parades i.e. One piece leathers only.


All riders must remember to bring driving licence & NOC membership card.


Further details & regulations provided on application to Dom Loram

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