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Triton - Manx Norton, Bonny, Norton gearbox etc

Here is my Triton. It was built and first registered at the DVLA, as a Triton, in November 1965 and is therefore C-registered. A proper Ace Cafe, period built machine with Manx Norton frame, Bonneville engine and Norton gearbox, with nice big front brake and Norton Roadholders. For 50 years plus on the road, she is in great nick. She had a thorough refurb in 2008, see below. Last year, as the annual mileage was so low and therefore the relative cost of MOT's to do minimal mileages quite high, I established the date of the Manx Norton frame and the bike is now tax and MOT exempt. There is a dating certificate from the Norton owners club and a letter from the DVLA agreeing a manufacturing date of the frame as a Manx Norton built on 17th May 1956 and confirming the bike is Tax and MOT exempt. The NOC dating certificate reveals the origin of the frame. The story is that the bike was purchased and shipped to Switzerland. The common practice at the time was to use the engines for racing in the Cooper 500 series and so it was separated from the engine. The rolling frame was then returned to the UK and eventually mated to a pre-unit Triumph Bonneville T120R engine and Norton four speed gearbox. The engine has been provisionally dated as 1959 and is a development prototype, which found it's way out of the Triumph factory. The engine number is T120R DA16 - which is a very unusual number and I would imagine it will be of interest to the Triumph historian. The production models started with D101 and this engine has slight variations compared to the production machines. 10 years ago the bike was refreshed. As the mileage was only 16112K miles at the time and there were no faults present, the engine and gearbox weren't stripped. The frame was powder-coated and a custom built 5 gallon alloy tank and replacement seat from Unity added to extend the range. So, no rust or melting fibreglass issues with the tank. Most of the alloy tanks seem to be 4 gallon - this is in good overall condition. The Manx Norton Reynold's tubing frame was built for racing and therefore it didn't have a stand. The builder incorporated a centre stand into the adapter plates for the engine/gearbox and it works fine. The build quality is good and it is a desirable spec overall. I am the fourth owner of the bike in over 50 years. The bike presents as a very well preserved old machine, there is a bit of pitting on the headlamp shell and in the inaccesible bits of the bike. Rims are very good, spokes are satin finish stainless steel. She has piezon electronic ignition and is running a 12volt system. This is a period built Triton, with long term owners doing very limited mileages and carrying out maintenance with discrete upgrades over the years, to keep it in excellent running order and cosmetic condition. The last owner, for example, only rode the bike on the public days at the Isle of Man TT over a period of 10 years. The rest of the time it was static in his substantial private collection. I haven't used the bike for more than 12 months and she has only done 250 miles since 2012. She lives in a carcoon bike bubble. I did a little video on youtube last year - to make it easy to find the title is "My very special Triton" - I then put her in the carcoon and she has been there ever since. I have taken her out and started her today. She was stored with the carbs empty, as usual, and just a little bit of fuel in the tank. The fuel is probably a bit stale, but she started up without any problem, as per usual. In my opinion, if you want this type of machine, you really couldn't do better for getting a genuine period built and registered bike, with very low mileage great spec and an historically interesting Triumph Bonneville engine. Tritons are commonly coming up on eBay asking £14K plus - often with lesser spec and on replica frames etc often wideline frames and not the lightweight Manx Norton so loved in period. I'm a private seller, who has decided to find a new guardian for a nice collectable bike. I would like payment in cash or electronic transfer. I may take a much cheaper bike in part-ex, just to facilitate a deal.






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