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Smart Battery Charger

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Smart Battery Charger

Posted by roger_johnson at August 13. 2017

This has probably been answered but can  a Smart Battery Charger be left permanently connected in the charge mode?


I have to go away for two weeks, will it cook my battery if left connected?


Many thanks Roger

Re: Smart Battery Charger

Posted by john_holmes at August 13. 2017

When I go away only the freezer and fridge are left on, everything else is off.

Re: Smart Battery Charger

Posted by robert_tuck at August 13. 2017

Previously john_holmes wrote:

When I go away only the freezer and fridge are left on, everything else is off.

Very wise, I also pull out aerial plugs from TV  as a lightning strike got one once.    Turning off the water at the mains can save the house, my neighbours shower burst in the night ,luckily  in the right place to do no damage!.  I always put charging mobiles on a dinner plate ,Chinese rubbish often goes up in smoke.

Re: Smart Battery Charger

Posted by john_evans1 at August 13. 2017

But the real answer is YES. They can left on indefinitely if you wish.

I have four of them. Two from lidl, one from oxford products and and accumate.

All work well and have givenno trouble in the many years I have used them to keep batteries charged on bikes which see little use.

I have even adapted the norton by fitting a charge lead.

The concerns raised by others are valid but remind me of Genny Penny being worried tgat the sky will fall down.  No offence meant gents,..

Re: Smart Battery Charger

Posted by Alan Osborn at Sunday 20:49

Yes but, the one snag with these 'magic' chargers is if the battery is a bit poorly in the first place then putting it on such a charger often does not bring it back, but if quite a bit down then using a traditional charger often bring a battery back into life.

The magic chargers are good for keeping a good battery in good order.

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