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Clutch location circlip

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Clutch location circlip

Posted by Hans E Taylor at December 06. 2011

Has anyone had a problem with this breaking when you torque the clutch centre nut ?

It would seem that the clutch centre bears against this, (with the spacer fitted behind) and that the torque figure of 70 ft/lb is too much for it and it has a tendancy to shear. I seem to recall this happening before, and have taken advice from a reliable source, that its better NOT to torque but to use loctite and the lock washer and do it as tight as humanly possible. Any thoughts ??

Re: Clutch location circlip

Posted by K Glassborow at December 07. 2011

Yes, 40 ft/lbs on the nut (maybe a little more but not necessary with Loctite studlock or similar). Les Emery mentions this in his website Tech area I believe.

Re: Clutch location circlip

Posted by simon_ratcliff at December 07. 2011

As a rule of thumb I question everything mentioned by Les Emery, he also recommends isolastic clearances of upto 0.025''!

Torque to figures given in the manual, 70ftlb, please note correct units, but use a brand new circlip from a reliable source on each assembly and you should have no problems. Loctite aswell. Any problems with clutch nut loosening is possibly due to clutch hub being a loose fit on the main shaft, any discernible play is un acceptable,


Re: Clutch location circlip

Posted by K Glassborow at December 08. 2011

I  prefer not to buy from LE if possible (after one or two altercations) and yes his recommendation of 1/2 turn out on the adjustable ISO's does give a huge clearance as I discovered when I installed his several years ago. However back to the clutch.....there are several other sources of advice on reducing the torque including the NOC Notes (could have been written by LE of course!). If you want to stay with the 70ft/lbs just make sure the circlip is new, sharp edge towards the box and a good fit in the recessed spacer. I use 40ft/lbs and threadlock and I'm happy with that.

Re: Clutch location circlip

Posted by richard_payne at December 08. 2011

I've used 70lbs for the best part of thirty years and for most of them was in blissful ignorance of any potential problems (in fact, it's one of the few parts that has never given problems).

I do keep a small stock and replace them as a matter of course if dismantling as they always distort when removing.

Re: Clutch location circlip

Posted by Hans E Taylor at December 12. 2011

Thank you gents. I have now reassembled it without a torque wrench, but with a new circlip, which incidentally I hadn't removed. However i think any circlip should be replaced as once stressed then they are a liability.

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