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clutch adjustment commando 850

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clutch adjustment commando 850

Posted by warren_long at Friday 21:28

any help or tips for setting up and adjustment of clutch on my commando please gents

thanks warren

Re: clutch adjustment commando 850

Posted by Tony Ripley at Friday 21:45

Have you got a manual ?

Section C35 of the workshop manual:-

Clutch Adjustment



Slacken cable adjustment at the handlebar control as far as possible.


Remove the clutch adjuster inspection cap from the chaincase.


Remove the inspection cap from the gearbox end cover.


With the index finger, move the clutch operating lever to and fro inside the gearbox cover to establish whether or not there is slight movement. If there is, clutch push rod adjustment is correct. If there is not, rectify as follows.


Release nut (B) in Fig. C46 then turn the screw (C) gently anti-clockwise until movement is felt on the right side operating lever.


Turn screw (C) in a clockwise direction until it is felt that the screw just touches the push rod.


Unscrew adjustment screw (C) one full turn and, holding in this position retighten locknut (B). This ensures the correct free movement on the clutch push rod.


Adjust the clutch cable at the control to provide 3/16 in. to 1/4 in. (4.76 to 6.35 m m) free movement between the cable outer casing and adjuster.




Re: clutch adjustment commando 850

Posted by john_holmes at Saturday 07:10

At 7 try 1/2 turn instead of the full turn. Other item to try is changing stack height as spring pressure is not linear unlike coil springs.

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