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Navigator ratched shaft spindle

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Navigator ratched shaft spindle

Posted by Ulrich Hoffmann at March 26. 2017

I noticed the ratched shaft spindle sticks out too far. The outer of the two o-rings is almost in fresh air!

 photo IMG_20170326_125651198_zpsak1hvldq.jpg

I dismantled the gearbox once again and this is how the gearchange shaft looks like:


 photo IMG_20170326_164142694_HDR_zpsqgmg2ham.jpg Too long? From a later style gearbox? Or from another model?

In the spare parts list the rachet shaft with the o-rings is listed as a separate part which is available from the NOC shop. How is it fixed to the gearchange shaft?

Also the whole gearchange shaft is available The pic in the NOC shop shows a shorter shaft.

Re: Navigator ratched shaft spindle

Posted by patrick_mullen at March 26. 2017

I have never taken these shafts apart but I would suggest that a tap with a block of wood on the end of the spindle might reseat the spindle shaft back into the ratchet shaft. It doesn't give any useful information in the Maintenance Manual but they are listed, as you say, as two separate shafts in the Spare Parts List. The ends of the two shafts should be approx. flush when fitted through the gearbox outer cover.

Don't overdo the 'tap with a block of wood' - just a gentle knock to see if it moves - I suspect it will.

Maybe someone else has come across this before ?

Re: Navigator ratched shaft spindle

Posted by Ulrich Hoffmann at April 21. 2017

Well any attempt to "adjust" the spindle length  failed. I ordered a new one from the NOC. See the difference:

 photo IMG_20170417_120520057_zpsnzjgg6zz.jpg

Re: Navigator ratched shaft spindle

Posted by patrick_mullen at April 21. 2017

No doubt about the difference in length. Have you tried extracting the ratchet shaft spindle from the ratchet shaft just to satisfy your curiosity? Presumably a previous owner has fitted a wrong part ? But what did it come from? The ratchet shaft and the cam segment look very similar on both items in the picture.

These gearboxes are supposed to be similar to those in some models of Francis Barnett and also some AJSs - so possibly a previous owner has obtained a part from one of these which "almost" fitted. It's a steep and costly learning curve as these machines get older.  Both JPA and yourself have come upon some 'strange' modifications.

Here's hoping it all fits together nicely now,


Re: Navigator ratched shaft spindle

Posted by Ulrich Hoffmann at April 25. 2017

What is the mest method to reasemble the pre 64 gearbox? The manual says put the selector in fourth gear, turning it  as far clockwise as possible. I have some issues putting on the inner gearbox plate, something is blocking. When I only put in the mainshaft and layshaft with kickstarter shaft and without the gear selector  it works. I can drive the gearbox plate home.

When adding the selector shaft the plate does not set on the bosses. I tried the new seletor shaft from the NOC. This morning I was able to get the longer indicator shat off my original selector, shortened it an hammered it back with a block of wood. Now it has the correct lenght. I ran out of time before going to work. Will try this shaft tomorrow.

Re: Navigator ratched shaft spindle

Posted by Ulrich Hoffmann at April 26. 2017

After the 15th or so attempt everything fits.

Exept the shortened selector spindle- too short now..Cry

Measure twice cut once!

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