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Dominator boyer problems

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Dominator boyer problems

Posted by stewart_potter at June 26. 2017

I am getting an intermittent fault with my Boyer electronic ignition.

Sometimes I get sparks when I turn the ignition off or on and

sometimes it works with no problems. I have double-checked the

circuitry and am at a complete loss. I tried taking the two wires which

go to the stator plate and putting these togethor/taking them apart.

This produces sparks continuously so it seems to me that the coil

circuitry must be good or I wouldn't be getting any sparks. Any

suggestions would be gratefully accepted. The bike was lying idle for

some five years until recently and I have re-commisioned the bike but

this missing sparks problem has me completely beat.

Re: Dominator boyer problems

Posted by christopher_winsby at June 26. 2017

My Commando had and intermittent fault with the black box, only diagnosed by substitution with another one.

Re: Dominator boyer problems

Posted by kevin_wood at June 26. 2017

Boyer will test your box.

More heavy duty wires at the plate side might help!


Just a thought


Re: Dominator boyer problems

Posted by kevin_wood at June 26. 2017

Check your earths too!

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