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Norvil side stand useless

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Re: Norvil side stand useless

Posted by George Phillips at Monday 16:33
An update. The new bracket arrived today (ordered last Wednesday) but regrettably will not fit the engine plate without drilling which I'm not prepared to do. Have now agreed with Norvil that I'll send them back the new bracket and leg. I've ordered the leg to suit the bracket that's fitted (whether it's right or wrong). The part no. is E2/1014. I would have done that to start with had not Norvil sown the seed that I had the wrong bracket fitted. Anyway, to be fair, they seem to be playing ball so hopefully the leg will arrive later this week and should be fitted before I set off for the Manx GP.

Re: Norvil side stand useless

Posted by john_day at Tuesday 14:54

and just to add my ten pennyworth.........this is the prop stand I was given with the 1956 framed es2, will it fit? watch this space.


Re: Norvil side stand useless

Posted by George Phillips at Tuesday 16:55
Yep.That's the boyo, John. I'll report back when it arrives.

Re: Norvil side stand useless

Posted by George Phillips at Thursday 20:44
New stand arrived today (ordered last Monday).It was the correct one for the bracket but a bit loose on the lug so required a couple of shimming washers (actually one was a 2p piece drilled out!) Finally got the spring on with the small-coins-in-the-spiral method. All seems well. The bike does not fall over! Fitted my "patent" method for getting the stand to stick out a bit more at rest for ease of access. I fitted a jubilee clip round the leg at the same distance from the fulcrum as the lower engine bolt so that the clip screw impinges on the nut. So anyone with a '55 ES2 should check the stand and bracket before renewing as they do not match the plate in the parts manual. This was the cause of all my probs. Norvil have played ball so far but I'll have to wait to see what rebate I get. George

Re: Norvil side stand useless

Posted by anna jeannette Dixon at Friday 02:02

Hello  Kawasaki ZZR600 sides stand very useful costs  £19.98pence and my time a brain power  to adapt the zzr sidestand to fit my Manxman slimline frame And It's Better than to original  it does not slip around the frame tube   has I made a plate to fit behind the crankcase  to pick up the two 3/8ths engine studs and then it has a U clamp for the frame bottom tube of the frame mounted in rubber hand made parts  and it looks good it's in chrome plate  and works really well too , SO NorVil can keep their expensive bit of steel    yours  anna j 

Re: Norvil side stand useless

Posted by Skip Brolund at Friday 11:56

Great news George!

Perhaps you can have the webmaster change the title of this thread? Seems like this one wasn't their fault & they have been accommodating to resolve the issue?





Re: Norvil side stand useless

Posted by George Phillips at Friday 15:08
A very fair point, Skip. I tried some time ago when I realised it wasn't quite as clear cut as I originally thought but got no response to my email. I openly apologise to Norvil for jumping to that conclusion but to be fair I had actually phoned them and asked if it would fit before I ordered it. George
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