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Gaskets for my 51 ES2 timing chest

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Gaskets for my 51 ES2 timing chest

Posted by grant_macneill at March 21. 2017

Has there ever been a gasket for the ES2 timing chest cover ?

any idea where they can be had ?  Should I make one up or rely on the modern gasket-in-a-tube and hope for the best ?

Similarly, is there a gasket for the oil supply/return junction block to crank case joint ?

Grant MacNeill,  Toronto

Re: Gaskets for my 51 ES2 timing chest

Posted by steve_adkins at March 21. 2017

G'day Grant,

I do not believe these cases ever had gaskets. My 1964 model 50 works well with Three-Bond (1215) Yamaha (shock horror!) agents will have this. Fabulous stuff and may be removed with white spirit. However make sure you renew / check the oil pump fiber washer and inspect the oil jet /spring & pressure relief valve (if fitted). The oil pump washer  should leave a small gap between the cases and seal well once the case screws are progressively tightened. Works for me, Wellseal is good too if you can get it.


Good luck, Steve

Re: Gaskets for my 51 ES2 timing chest

Posted by Dan Field at March 21. 2017

I agree with Steve, I use Stag Wellseal on the Norton applying a thin layer on each face with a small brush and leaving it for 5mins, Its non hardening and comes off with petrol soaked rag. Three bond is good too!

I made a paper gasket for the oil feed/return block

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