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Engine Number

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Engine Number

Posted by chris_moss at February 17. 2017

I have just acquired a set of 16H crank cases the number stamped on the side is '83782' with no prefix letters, this is followed with the common '79 x 100' bore and stroke on the right of the engine number.

Can any one tell me the year of manufacture of this engine..?

Thanks Chris 

Re: Engine Number

Posted by George Phillips at February 17. 2017
According to the data in Bacon's Book of the Norton it can't be a 16H as the number indicates 1959 but the Model 16H stopped production in'54. Intriguing! BTW - if the initial "8" ie actually an "A" then it could well be 1946 ie A3782. Or of course it could be off an ES2? George

Re: Engine Number

Posted by Pete McDermott at February 17. 2017


83782 is most likely the War Department number, particularly as it relates to a 16H. It would originally have been prefixed with a "W" to indicate this but it is quite possible that the engine has been rebuilt at a military maintenence unit and the replacement crankcase has been restamped without the prefix.

My own WD16H has replacement cases in which the 79x100 has been ommitted..

If so, your (W)83782 would likely belong to contract S2602 which would date it late 1943. 

Richard Payne is probably the world expert on these matters with a wealth of detail at his finger tips,  I'm sure he'll be along shortly to to put me right and fill in any gaps, particularly if you could specify any internal markings on the case.

Hope this helps,


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