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1935 Es2 speedo type?

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1935 Es2 speedo type?

Posted by nicholas_reeves at June 16. 2017

The speedo I have fitted looks like a Smiths type, it goes up to just over 80mph. It has no trip meter on it and only has Made in England running along the top of the dial and Chronometric in the middle. It has no makers name on it.Lastly it has a chrome bezel.Could anybody please advise me if this correct for my bike and also a possible maker.Thanks.Nick.

Re: 1935 Es2 speedo type?

Posted by richard_payne at June 16. 2017

Speedos were an extra-cost option with the most expensive being a 120mph instument with illumination and trip. The lowest cost was 80mph with neither.

For 1935 it would have had the 'Jaeger' type cable fixing and a yellow 30mph line...but the face could have been changed. A couple of photos would be useful.

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