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BP Fuel and ethanol

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BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by norman_lorton at Wednesday 10:34

For anyone interested, I have just purchased and tested some BP Ultimate 97 in the midlands area and, to the limits of the test, it contained no ethanol.

From previous threads I think this result will apply to all BP supply in England and Wales, except the West Country and north of somewhere around Tyneside.

I suspect this no ethanol in Ultimate 97 status will remain until E10 is introduced (if ever) on the basis that ethanol is more expensive than raw petroleum and the companies will maximise profit.

Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by John Shorter at Wednesday 20:11

Oh no, not again!

Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by robin_robb at Wednesday 21:54

I would be careful about extrapolating the results of this interesting test beyond its immediate vicinity. In September 2016 I contacted BP about ethanol in their petrol and their answer was less than definitive. BP described it as an evolving situation:

"Thank you for your email concerning the fuel sold by BP.

Bioethanol is present in nearly all regular unleaded petrol being sold by fuel suppliers in the UK today.  Bioethanol is also becoming increasingly present in the UK’s super-unleaded (premium/higher octane) petrol too; this is because, in compliance with the UK government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, fuel suppliers have been required to increase the quantity of bio fuels in their transport fuels since 2008.  As a consequence, the inclusion of bioethanol in our BP Ultimate Unleaded supply chain is an evolving situation and we are therefore unable to give you categorical assurances as to its absence or presence.  However we can assure you that – as required by the The Motor Fuel (Composition and Content) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 – the content of bioethanol in our BP Ultimate Unleaded gasoline will never be more than 5% by volume until 1st January 2017 at the earliest."

More reassuring was the response from Esso at the same time:

"Thank you for contacting Esso Customer Care.

The majority of unleaded 95 Octane petrol sold in the UK contains 5% ethanol as required under the Government's Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO).

There is currently no requirement for renewable fuel (such as ethanol) to be present in super unleaded (97 grade petrol).

Esso super unleaded petrol (Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded 97) is ethanol free (except in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and Scotland) and we have no current intention to add ethanol to Synergy Supreme+ in other areas of the UK.

We would therefore advise anyone who has concerns about the presence of ethanol in petrol to use Synergy Supreme+ - providing they do not fill up in Devon or Cornwall, the Teesside area or Scotland."

So it remains a matter of "buyer beware". In fact be very aware - I have a ruptured fibreglass tank to remind me of the consequences of ethanol.







Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by Neil Wyatt at Thursday 03:16

Thank you Robin, you were spot on.

John S. I am disappointed though not surprised that you want to disrupt any debate, such a shame.

Norman, I would suggest you test this station and some other BP stations in a month or so. I have always understood that if an ethanol tanker was not available at the distribution point then the petrol tanker would leave without any in. But that is taking a big gamble without testing first. Therefore the Esso Synergy Supreme+ excluding the zones noted is the only safe bet. With that exemption the situation is a dogs dinner and intended to be so.

10% ethanol has been mandated across the EU by 2020, that was a near miss!

Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by norman_lorton at Thursday 09:28

I have no wish to enter into an ethanol debate, as John says - oh no...

BP's statement is more 'green' than Esso's and that is how they have chosen to handle their PR. I have never found ethanol in BP 97.

I think, Neil, you are scaremongering perhaps. BP cannot suddenly put some ethanol in an Ultimate 97 batch without re-formulating the whole refinery output for reasons of octane rating, etc. They either put ethanol in all of it, permanently, or leave it as is. It costs money to mess around.

You keep testing BP 97 if you want to, I won't. I will happily fill the old Nortons at Esso or BP for the rest of this year (and hopefully find the higher octane grade in stock).

Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by richard_mills at Thursday 10:19

It can be a problem finding a station with the Esso Synergy+ 97. I looked on the Esso website a few day ago and found a station which was listed as having it, only to find on arrival that they had changed from the expensive petrol to the expensive diesel. I suppose they expect to find the diesel to be a better seller and have a limited number of underground tanks.

Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by Neil Wyatt at Thursday 16:31

Certainly not scaremongering, Norman, I simply replied to your post with the best information available.The truth is that BP won't admit to selling any E0 fuel whereas Esso will.

With riders using fibreglass tanks it is especially essential that riders know what is going in their tanks. How would we go on if the ingredients of food and medicine were not clear? It would not be allowed.

Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by John Shorter at Thursday 17:33

Everyone has their own opinion, on the subject of ethanol, for, against, or indifferent.  This has now become boring, boring, boring. The same statements repeated incessantly.

Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by john_holmes at Thursday 17:52

Ethanol is in the title not hidden, you can exercise your right to ignore anytime and same yourself the boredom.

Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by david_evans at Friday 11:08

Or buy a tank made out of something decent. In the seventies fibreglass tanks were made illegal for safety reasons. As they say in the USA, "go figure"

Re: BP Fuel and ethanol

Posted by Neil Wyatt at Friday 14:15

It will still be attacked, David, just not in the same way or time scale.

Before the more recent ethanol mandate, as they say in the US of A: 'If it's not broken, don't fix it.'

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