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A bit of a workshop clear out

Bits for Sale.

Dominator SLS front brake. Complete with a decent set of shoes. Unfortunately, some previous owner decided to drill a few air holes in it. £20

Alloy engine plates. Front & rear. 650 into slimline. In good condition, but a few holes are a little elongated (who says dommies vibrate?) £50

650ss pistons, +60. Obviously used, but with new rings fitted they would go again. £20

650/750 alloy barrel shaped push-rods. 2xinlet, 2xexhaust. Usual loose top ends, and slightly worn, but serviceable. £15

650ss alloy con-rods. In fair to good condition. No shells. £50

Fibre-glass racing dual seat. The type that incorporates No-plate and rear light. I think this might be a Dunstall or a Dunstall look-a-like. Needs recovering & some TLC. £20.

Rear shocks. I have 2 sets, both 11 ¾”. A very reasonable set of Hagons with exposed chrome springs. £50. A rough but useable set of originals with exposed chrome & rust springs. £20.

Swept-back racing exhaust pipes 1⅝ ” . I think these are Dunstalls. Both sides have been ‘down the road’ a bit. They are currently painted black. Use ‘as is’ or with a bit of TLC, they would repair & re-chrome. £40.

A pair of (I think) original Dommie silencers, 1⅝”. Rough but serviceable. One has a little bit of damage at the outlet end.  £30

All prices: plus postage.

All the above are second-hand and have been used before (but I’ve seen a lot worse at auto-jumbles). It is not my intention to deceive anyone; I am only trying to help fellow club members that may be in need of these parts; while at the same time de-cluttering my garage, and putting a few bob into the bike fund. It is not possible to post photos of everything in one advert, but I will gladly take pictures of anything and e-mail to any interested party.

If you need any more information, then please e-mail me at:


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