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1950 Norton Big 4

I bought this bike last year from Venture Classics, with David Simmons being the previous owner. It was my first classic bike (I'm not including my 1980 Can Am!) and I've enjoyed my few rides around the Herefordshire countryside very much. However, with an expanding family I've decided to go back to classic cars instead, and to be honest I think the 1950 motorcycle was a bit too much of a culture shock for me!
Here are some key details:
  • 1950 bike with no history (other than previous owner)
  • 596cc
  • Based in Herefordshire
  • Bought last year from Venture Classics for £6k
  • Mechanically excellent, with lots of original parts
  • Has 5k on clock but can't be verified as the milometer doesn't work! Speedo does work though.
  • Every NOC member who has a calendar this year can see it featuring as November's pin up!

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them; I can take any photos you require too.

Phone 07789 727811




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